Valencia is the capital of the Valencian Community, a Spanish region in the Mediterranean Coast, founded by the Romans, conquered by the muslims and finally reconquered by the Christian King James I in 1238. It preserves vestiges of the many civilizations that lived there and it is also famous for its touristic attractions: its urban beaches and the City of Art and Sciences, a cultural complex including a scientific museum, an art museum, the oceanography park and an IMAX 3D cinema which serves also as Planetarium. Climate is warm most of the year and it is specially comfortable at the beginning of September.


Valencia’s Airport is located in the town of Manises, approximately 8 km from the city. Flights arriving from most Spanish and European cities land there. Travelling from any international airport is possible through connections with Madrid or Barcelona.

Airport Phone: +34 961 59 85 00.

Once at the airport you can arrive at the Institute either by or metro:

You take line 5 of the metro and pass through the following stations: Rosas, Manises, Salt de L'Aigua, Quart de Poblet, Mislata-Almassil, Mislata, Nou de Octubre, Avenida del Cid, Angel Guimera, Xátiva, Colón, Alameda, Facultats and finally Benimaclet (a crossroad). You change to line 4 or 6 here that takes you through Vicent Zaragoza, Politécnica, La Carrasca, Tarongers and finally Serrería, just in front of the eastern part of the UPV campus where you will find the Polythecnic City of Innovation and the Instituto de Matematica Multidisciplinar.

For more information on underground stations, timetables and fares, click on the following: MetroValencia 

The Instituto Universitario de Matemática Multidisciplinar is located at Building 8G. You can locate the Buildings in the Polytechnic University of Valencia by means of the following interactive map:


 A good webpage if you are looking for a hotel near the UPV:



Dates and Venue:
The Conference will be celebrated from July 18th (Monday) until July 20th (Wednesday) in the halls of the Polytechnic City of Innovation. For travel and lodging information follow the link.
If you are interested in participating in this Conference:

Please, submit your pdf abstract and provide the required data, using the following link:


Your contribution will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee.

Acceptance letters are to be submitted by April 30th.
Our Institute:
The Institute for Multidisciplinary Mathematics is a research institute located at the Polytechnic City of Innovation.
A scientific park and research pool of the Universitat Politècnica de València.
Our staff is composed of 50 researchers, and 10 Ph. D. students.
We develop our research in many interdisciplinary areas.