Invited Speakers:


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Notice that you should prepare a 15 min presentation (plus five minutes for questions). All communications are oral. Invited talks are scheduled for 30 min.

List of accepted communications:



1Luis Acedoluiacrod@imm.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaClara BurgosPredicting outbreaks of meningococcus W-135 infections in SpainClick Here
2M.-C. Casabánmacabar@imm.upv.esMatemática AplicadaInstituto Universitario de Matemática Multidisciplinar. Universitat Politècnica Same as Corresponding AuthorConstructive analytic-numerical solution of random parabolic problems in a one-dimensional random medium by a mean square Fourier integral methodClick Here
3Juan Rafael Sánchez Marínjuasncm1@upv.esInstituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones MultimediaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorModal Method for the Efficient Analysis and Design of Microwave Filters based on Multiple DiscontinuitiesClick Here
4Joan C. Micójmico@mat.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValénciaJoan C. MicóBIOLOGY AND PERSONALITY: A MATHEMATICAL APPROACH TO THE BODY-MIND PROBLEMClick Here
5Paulino José García Nietolato@orion.ciencias.uniovi.esDepartment of MathematicsUniversity of OviedoSame as Corresponding AuthorModeling eutrophication using the hybrid ABC-SVM-based approach in the Pozón de la Dolores lake ((Northern Spain).Click Here
6Mar√≠a Jos√© Mu√Īoz Torrecillasmjmtorre@ual.esEconomics and BusinessUniversidad de Almer√≠a (Spain)Same as Corresponding AuthorValuation fuzzy soft sets: a fuzzy soft set based decision making approach to valuation of goodsClick Here
7Miguel √Āngel Piqueras mipigar@cam.upv.esInstituto de Matem√°tica MultidisciplinarUniversitat Polit√®cnica de Val√®nciaSame as Corresponding AuthorNumerical solution of nonlinear moving boundary problems for carbonation in reinforced concrete structuresClick Here
8Luis Bayónbayon@uniovi.esMathematicsUniversity of OviedoPaulino J. García-NietoOptimal Control of Counter-Terrorism TacticsClick Here
9Francisco Pedrochepedroche@mat.upv.esMatemàtica AplicadaInstitut Universitari de Matemàtica MultidisciplinàriaSame as Corresponding AuthorNew insights on multiplex PageRankClick Here
10Jes√ļs Mart√≠n Vaquerojesmarva@usal.esApplied MathematicsUniversity of SalamancaSame as Corresponding Author Numerical study on monitored foot temperature Click Here
11Francisco D. Deniafdenia@mcm.upv.esCentro de Investigación en Ingeniería MecánicaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaEva M. Sánchez-OrgazNumerical mode matching for sound propagation in silencers with granular materialClick Here
12Maria T.Sanzm.teresa.sanz@uv.esDidàctica de la MatemàticaUniversitat de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorIncluding a human happiness index in a social well-being modelClick Here
13Damian Ginestar Peirodginesta@mat.upv.esInstituto de Matem√°tica MultidisciplinarUniversitat Polit√®cnica de Val√®nciaAmanda Carre√Īo S√°nchezBlock iterative methods to compute the lambda modes of a nuclear power reactorClick Here
14Francisco J. Solissolis@cimat.mxApplioed MathematicsCIMATSame as Corresponding AuthorBiological mechanisms of coexistence for a family of age structured population modelsClick Here
15√Ālvaro Bernal Garc√≠aabernal@iqn.upv.esInstitute for Industrial, Radiophysical and Environmental SafetyUniversitat Polit√®cnica de Val√®nciaSame as Corresponding AuthorCalculation of the adjoint flux of the neutron diffusion equationClick Here
16Antonio Hervás Jorgeahervas@mat.upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorA procedure of generation of directed graphs for the comparative study of algorithms for the detection of communities.Click Here
17Maria Teresa Signes;ía Informática y ComputaciónUniversidad de AlicanteSame as Corresponding AuthorThe Susceptible-Infectious-Recovered (SIR) model of disease expansion: a new approachClick Here
18Rafael Villanuevarjvillan@imm.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValénciaDavid MartínezQuantification of the glucose levels of a patient customizing the Dalla-Mann modelClick Here
19Eulalia Martínez Moladaeumarti@mat.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSukhjit SinghSemilocal convergence of an effcient fifth order method under weaker conditionsClick Here
20Rub√©n Pazmi√Īorpazmino2009@gmail.comF√≠sica y Matem√°ticaEscuela Superior Polit√©cnica de ChimborazoSame as Corresponding AuthorSIA‚Äôs asymmetric rules approximation to hierarchical clustering in Learning Analytics: mathematical issuesClick Here
21CELESTINO ORDO√ĎEZ GALANordonezcelestino@uniovi.esExplotaci√≥n y Prospecci√≥n de MinasUniversidad de Oviedo. Escuela Polit√©cnica de MieresSame as Corresponding AuthorA multivariate time series based approach for the study of the remaining useful life for aircraft enginesClick Here
22David Soler dsoler@mat.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaAndrea SalandinUsing Integer Linear Programming to study the relationship between the main variables involved in the construction of an external wall Click Here
23Oscar Angulo Torgaoscar@mat.uva.esDpto. Matemtica Aplicada Universidad de ValladolidSame as Corresponding AuthorNumerical analysis of a cell dwarffsm modelClick Here
24Eva Onaindiaonaindia@dsic.upv.esSistemas Informáticos y ComputaciónUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorDeterminant factors associated with the choice of university degrees in Spain through Principal Component and Factor analysisClick Here
25Juan R. Torregrosa Sánchezjrtorre@mat.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaLucía Guasp Stability of parametric family of iterative methods for root-findingClick Here
26Lourdes Gómez-Vallelourdes@eco.uva.esEconomía AplicadaUniversidad de ValladolidLourdes Gómez-ValleRisk-neutral processes estimation in interest rate models with stochastic volatility and jumpsClick Here
27Salvador Amigo salvador.amigo@uv.esPersonalidad, Evaluación y Tratamientos Psicológicos Universidad de ValenciaSalvador AmigóMETHYLPHENIDATE AND THE SELF-REGULATION THERAPY: A SYSTEMIC MATHEMATICAL MODELClick Here
28Alicia Corderoacordero@mat.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaNeus GarridoEfficient class of iterative schemes with memory for solving nonlinear problemsClick Here
29Jiri Hozmanjiri.hozman@tul.czDepartment of Mathematics and Didactics of MathematicsTechnical University of LiberecSame as Corresponding AuthorA discontinuous Galerking framework for option pricing problems with stochastic volatilitiesClick Here
30Abdolreza Amiriamiriabdolreza@ymail.comDepartment of MathematicsRazi UniversitySame as Corresponding AuthorIterative methods based on HSS and GPSS schemes to solve systems of nonlinear equations.Click Here
31Danny Joel Guerrero Floresdanguefl@doctor.upv.esDepartamento de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorIterative Solution of Rank Defi cient Least Squares ProblemsClick Here
32José Antonio López Ortílopez@mat.uji.esMatemáticasUniversidad Jaime I de CastellónSame as Corresponding AuthorStudy of a set of symmetric temporal transformations for the study of the orbital motionClick Here
33Lenin G. Lemus Z√ļ√Īigalemus@upv.esDISCAUniversitat Polit√®cnica de Val√®nciaSame as Corresponding AuthorA web-based application tool for university career choosing factors analysisClick Here
34Regino Criadoregino.criado@urjc.esMatemática Aplicada, CC. e Ing. de los Materiales y Tec. ElectrónicaUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosSame as Corresponding AuthorNon-backtracking centrality, linegraphs and beyondClick Here
35Carla Iglesias Comesa√Īacarlaiglesias@uvigo.esDepartment of Natural Resources and Environmental EngineeringUniversity of VigoJavier Mart√≠nez-TorresPredicting the commercial quality of slate slabs with a mathematical modelClick Here
36Antonio Casellesantonio.caselles@uv.esMatemàtica AplicadaUniversitat de ValénciaSame as Corresponding AuthorA GENETIC ALGORITHM TO CALIBRATE SYSTEMS: A CASE IN PSICHOLOGYClick Here
37Alberto Magre√Ī√°nalberto.magrenan@unir.netMatem√°ticasUniversidad Internacional de La RiojaSame as Corresponding AuthorImproving the starting points for Newton‚Äôs method under a center Lipschitz conditionClick Here
38José Vicente Romero Bausetjvromero@mat.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politécnica de ValènciaMarco Crialesi EspositoCOUPLING INTERNAL NOZZLE FLOW TURBULENCE FEATURES TO DNS OF SPRAYS PRIMARY ATOMIZATIONClick Here
39Silvia Marzal silmarro@upv.esDpt. de Ingeniería Electrónica. Grupo de Sistemas Electrónicos Industriales.Universitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorA New Content Location and Data Retrieval Algorithm for Peer to Peer in Smart Microgrids Click Here
40Emilio Defez Candeledefez@imm.upv.esDepartamento de Matemática AplicadaUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorOn new rational-polynomial Hermite matrix expansions. Application for the matrix cosine approximationClick Here
41Antonio José Pérezajperez@chm.esDepartamento de InnovaciónCHMSame as Corresponding AuthorApplication of a modified concrete for vibration attenuation in railway infrastructuresClick Here
42Piter Moscoso√≥n General de Obras P√ļblicasMinisterio de Obras P√ļblicasSame as Corresponding AuthorDetection of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction in harbours based on changes of the structure vibration modesClick Here
43Fran Ribes Llariofrarilla@cam.upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorPredictive maintenance of tunnels based on real-time acceleration registers on the concrete revetmentClick Here
44Beatriz Baydal Ginerbeabaygi@cam.upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorA methodology for the detection of rail irregularities and defects based on the vehicle dynamic responseClick Here
45Fernando Roca Barcelófernanrocab@gmail.comInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorAttenuation performance of track stiffness transitions under different vehicle speedsClick Here
46Julia real Herráizjureaher@tra.upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorEffect of mixture gradation and thickness on the cooling process of hot mix asphaltsClick Here
47Elena Giménez de Oryelena.gimenez@unir.netMatemáticasUniversidad Internacional de La RiojaSame as Corresponding AuthorDynamical study of an optimal family of order four with applicationsClick Here
48M¬™ √Āngeles Alcaide Gonz√°lezmanalgon@upv.esEconomic and Social SciencesUniversitat Polit√©cnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorMathematical modelling of the value of technology brandsClick Here
49Teresa Real Herráizteresa.real@ua.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorNumerical modelling of flying ballast phenomena on high speed lines. Part B: Analysis of the stability of the ballast layer by means of a DEM modelClick Here
50Miriam Labrado Palomomilabpa@cam.upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorDevelopment of a high precision algorithm for predictive maintenance of industrial belt conveyorsClick Here
51Diego Alarcón Correadiealcor@doctor.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorLocal convergence of some third-order iterative methods for multiple rootsClick Here
52Vivas-Consuelo, Daviddvivas@upvnet.upv.esCentro de Investigación en Economía y Gestión de la SaludUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorSpatial Modelling of Diabetes Patients in Valencia RegionClick Here
53José MasJMASM@IMM.UPV.ESInstituto de matemática multidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorUsing randomization to compute the least squares solution \\ of overdetermined linear systems by preconditioned iterationsClick Here
54Damian Ginestar Peiróanvifer2@upv.esInstituto de Matemática MultidisciplinarUPVAntoni Vidal FerràndizOn the solution of different eigenvalue problems associated with the neutron transport using the finite element methodClick Here
55Antonio Falcó Montesinosantonio.falco@gmail.comMatemáticas, Física y Ciencias TecnológicasUniversidad CEU Cardenal HerreraSame as Corresponding AuthorOn the Proper Generalized Decomposition for Shape SpacesClick Here
56Oscar Trullotrull@eio.upv.esDEIOACUPVSame as Corresponding AuthorGeneral strike participation rate through electricity demandClick Here
57David Postiguillo Garcíadaposgar@upvnet.upv.esEconomía y Ciencias SocialesUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorModeling the depreciation rate of construction machinery. An Ordinary Least-Squares approach and quantile regression.Click Here
58Emilio Larrodé Pellicerelarrode@unizar.esIngeniería MecánicaUniversity of ZaragozaSame as Corresponding AuthorPROPOSAL OF A GRAPHIC MODEL FOR SOLVING DELAY TIME MODEL INSPECTION CASES OF REPAIRABLE MACHINERYClick Here
59Victoria Muerzavmuerza@unizar.esIndustrial TechnologiesAragon Institute of Engineering Research(i3A)Same as Corresponding AuthorAn approach to assess the competitiveness in Logistics Centers through the analysis of its effectivenessClick Here
60Jos√© Antonio Mart√≠njose.martin@ua.esApplied MathematicsUniversity of AlicanteM. √Āngeles CastroEffects of random environment and delayed responses on the dynamics of a semiarid vegetation modelClick Here
61Benito Chenbmchen@uta.eduMathematicsUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonSame as Corresponding AuthorModeling of biological control of plant viruses with seasonalityClick Here
62Camilo de Ingeniería CivilUniversidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Sede IbaguéSame as Corresponding AuthorUncertainty quantification of the users of electronic comerce over the next few yearsClick Here
63Silvia Carpitellasilvia.carpitella@unipa.itDipartimento dell’Innovazione Industriale e Digitale (DIID)Università degli Studi di PalermoSame as Corresponding AuthorSome awkward issues on pairwise comparison matricesClick Here
64Cristina Perez-Benitocripebe1@posgrado.upv.esDMAUPVSame as Corresponding AuthorSIMULTANEOUS SMOOTHING AND SHARPENING OF COLOUR IMAGESClick Here
65N√°hl√≠k Tom√°Ň°nahlik@mail.vstecb.czDepartment of Informatics and Natural SciencesThe Institute of Technology and Business in ńĆesk√© BudńõjoviceSame as Corresponding AuthorMathematical Modelling of Shaft in DriveClick Here
66Michael M. Tungmtung@mat.upv.esIMM - DMAUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorMetamaterial Acoustics on the (2+1)D Schwarzschild PlaneClick Here
67Smetanov√° Danasmetanova@mail.vstecb.czDepartment of Informatics and Natural SciencesThe Institute of Technology and Business in ńĆesk√© BudńõjoviceSame as Corresponding AuthorOn Legendre Transformation for Hamiltonian Systems Corresponding to Second Order LagrangiansClick Here
68José-Manuel, j-man@ccee.ucm.esDepartment of PsychologyHarvard UniversityRaul G SanchisOptimal pricing from shopping time distributionsClick Here
69Cristina Santamaría Navarrocrisanna@imm.upv.esMatemática AplicadaUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as Corresponding AuthorIntroducing Covariates in Reliability Models by Markovian Arrival ProcessesClick Here
70Manuel and Civil EngineeringUniversity of BathSame as Corresponding AuthorNetwork analysis for inferring spatio-temporal predictive models in water demandClick Here
71Ra√ļl Mart√≠nez Cuencaraul.martinez@uv.esIngenieria Mec√°nica y Construcci√≥nUniversitat Jaume ISame as Corresponding AuthorThe wall-lift matching model for Eulerian-Eulerian two-phase flow simulationsClick Here
72Miguel Rebollomrebollo@upv.esSistemas Informáticos y ComputaciónUniversidad Politécnica de VlenciaSame as Corresponding AuthorPredicting Sentiment Evolution via Hidden Markov ModelsClick Here
73RUBEN ANTONIO PAZMI√ĎO MAJIrubenpazmino@usal.esMathematicsEscuela Superior Polit√©cnica de ChimborazoSame as Corresponding AuthorSIA‚Äôs asymmetric rules approximation to hierarchical clustering in Learning Analytics: mathematical issuesClick Here
74Claudio Masanetclmasen@upv.esInstituto de Matematica MultidisciplinarUPVSame as Corresponding AuthorNumerical modelling of flying ballast phenomenon on high-speed lines. Part A: Analysis of the train-track aerodynamic interaction. Click Here
75ELENA DE LA POZAELPOPLA@ESP.UPV.ESDEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCESUPVELENA DE LA POZAMathematical modeling of the suicidal risk growth of the Spanish population: a qualitative and quantitative dynamic approachClick Here
76Juan Carlos Cortés Lópezjccortes@imm.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaAna Navarro QuilesThe Randomized Non-Autonomous Scaled Logistic Differential Equation: Theory and ApplicationsClick Here
77Sergio; schiva@uji.esIngeniería Mecánica y construcciónUniversitat Jaume IGuillem Monrós AndreuNumerical evaluation of bubble size and velocity measurements in polydisperse two-phase flows using needle-sensor probesClick Here
78Vera Egorovavegorova@bcamath.orgStatistical PhysicsBCAM - Basque Center for Applied MathematicsSame as Corresponding AuthorThe effect of atmospheric stability on fire-spotting in wildfire propagationClick Here
79Mohamed El-Fakharanyfakharany@aucegypt.eduDepartment of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Tanta UniversitySame as Corresponding AuthorEfficient three time level numerical scheme for option pricing Heston-Hull-White modelClick Here
80Fiza Zafarfizazafar@gmail.comCentre for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied MathematicsBahauddin Zakariya UniversitySame as corresponding authorOptimal Iterative Methods for Finding Multiple Roots of Nonlinear Equations Using Weight FunctionsClick Here
81Muaz Seydaogluserblaza@imm.upv.esDepartment of MathematicsFaculty of Art and Science, Mus Alparslan UniversitySame as corresponding authorNumerical solution of the Burgers' equation by splitting methods using Crank-Nicolson schemesClick Here
82Nikita Kopylovnikop1@upvnet.upv.esInstituto Universitario de Matemática MultidisciplinarUniversitat Politècnica de ValènciaSame as corresponding authorMagnus-Krylov methods for non-autonomous linear wave equationsClick Here

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