Three scholarships will be granted for students of the last two courses of the degree of Mathematics at the University of Valencia (corresponding to the exemption of the registration fee). Applicants will submit a copy of their academic record and a letter of motivation to before July 6th. The Organizing Committee will evaluate these applications (maximum 7 points for the academic record and 3 points for the motivation letter).


After a meeting of the Organization Committee the following students have been awarded with a free registration:
  • Jesúa López Máñez.
  • Vicente José Bevia Escrig.
  • Miguel Ángel Beltrán Sánchez.




A special issue of the journal " Mathematics and Computational Applications" published by MDPI: Link to the Special Issue is scheduled. The authors should notice the scope of this journal: "Mathematical and Computational Applications (MCA) is devoted to original research in the field of engineering, natural sciences or social sciences where mathematical and/or computational techniques are necessary for solving specific problems". Some contributions would be selected by the organizing committee for being submitted to this Special Issue. (Accepted papers will be published free of charge ).

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  November, 30th, 2018.

TEMPLATE & INSTRUCTIONS: Check the journal's website here .



The special issue entitled "Random and Deterministic Mathematical Models in Engineering & Human Behaviour 2018" from the journal " Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (Wiley)" is also scheduled. Only high-quality scientific contributions will be accepted. Notice that the acceptance rate for this journal is, approximately, 20 per cent.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  From September 1st, 2018, until January, 30th, 2019.

TEMPLATE & INSTRUCTIONS: Check the journal's website here .